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About SAE Courses

Modern media careers require flexibility, which is why SAE offers courses in progressive stages, for whichever of our fields of study you wish to master.

The SAE diploma in the following fields of expertise is your first step:

• Audio Engineering
• Digital Film Making

Practical and theoretical assessments will determine when you are ready to pass to the next stage, and the credits you earn in each stage are rolled over to the next. This means that once you have earned your SAE Diploma (stage1), you are already halfway to a Bachelor’s degree. After the Bachelor’s degree completion (stage 2) you can even pursue a Master’s degree (stage 3). You are in full control of your educational and academic outcomes.

Want to start smaller? SAE’s Certificate Courses are the ideal way for time- pressed people to begin a new education and can be a stepping-stone toward our degree programs. For more information please contact your local Study Advisor.

Diploma of Audio

Diploma of Audio

If you dream of a career behind a mixing console in the music, radio, advertising, film, television, (musical) theatre, or games industry, you need look no further than SAE. We are the world leader in audio engineering education.

Start Date Early 2017 – for inquiries please send us an email at curacao@sae.edu
Duration 12 months full-time (accelerated learning)
Sector Higher Education

Diploma of film

Diploma of Film

Digital technology has revolutionized the movie world, from making filmmaking more affordable and accessible to the rise of new film forms through the explosion of digital content creation. If your goal is to work in the film industry or build a career with online digital content, this is the course for you.

Start Date Septemebr, 2017
Duration 12 months full-time (accelerated learning)
Sector Higher Education